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Professional Airport Ground Transportation Within Reach

There are several options for ground transportation when you are going to or from the airport. You can opt for a bus, shuttle, train, or hail a taxi. If you have a friend with a car, then you’re lucky if they can pick you up or drive you to the airport. But there is another cost-efficient option that will save you time and deliver a convenient ride. Rent a chauffeured ride.

Our airport ground transportation is available in the following airports:

Located in Queens, John F. Kennedy International Airport, or simply JFK, is the main airport of the Big Apple and is the busiest in the United States. JFK accommodates millions of international passengers annually and the number is growing each year. Airlines flying through JFK are spread out across the six terminals with the international one situated between 1 to 4.
John F. Kennedy International Airport

Situated west of NYC in Elizabeth and Newark, New Jersey, Newark Liberty International Airport is one of the three major airports in metro New York and the only one located outside Queens. The liberty in the airport’s name was added after the 9/11 incident to honor the victims and as a reference to the Statue of Liberty which is located around 7 miles east of EWR. There are three terminals referred to as A, B, and C, with terminal B accommodating most of the international flights.

Newark Liberty International Airport
Newark Liberty International Airport

LaGuardia Airport or LGA is the smallest of New York’s major airports but is the closest to Manhattan, which puts it at an advantage. The majority of the flights in LGA are domestic and within 2,400 kilometers radius. They also accommodate international flights from Bermuda, Aruba, Canada, and the Bahamas. LGA is home to Terminal A, previously known as Marine Air Terminal, which is one of the longest surviving airport terminals in the world still in operation.

LaGuardia Airport